Center for Pediatric Therapy

Center for Pediatric Therapy started in 1997 because, There was a need for Pediatric occupational therapy in our area. A Therapist owns and operates Center for Pediatric Therapy. Therefore, every child achieving their highest potential is our main goal. Moreover, with our team of Therapists and assistants your child will be taking the steps necessary to reach goals as well as, have a better quality of life.We have a clinic in Ozark AR. as well as, Rudy AR. Call us now for more information 

Family's Benefits

  • We start with, reducing barriers that limit a child to join in on family, learning and community based activities.
  • we also by, Identifying needed assistive technology devices and supports.
  • Then, We Prepare the family and child for changes in roles and routines.
  • As well as, boost social skills development and leisure activities in the school environment.
  • Lastly, we help by assisting with school mobility, 

Child's Benefits

  •   improving a child’s skills to achieve independence in feeding, bathing, dressing and other self-care activities
  • play activities that instruct as well as aid a child in interacting and communicating with others.
  • Identifying, developing or adapting engagement in activities that enhance the child’s quality of life.
  • Another Great Benefit is, educating the family and school staff on the needs of the child.

Derek Law, occupational therapist since August 1999. He is over Occupational Therapy at Ozark Pediatric Therapy. He works hard to ensure every kid is taken care of, every parents concerns are discussed, and that our ultimate goal to assist every child in achieving their highest potential is being met.

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